You know you’re in for a long haul when the book has a map on the first page

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It’s 2 AM and this is the funniest thing i have ever seen in my life. Tears are streaming down my face. 

Who thought this would be a good mashup? And why?

this is terrific you nerds

Zankokuna kabocha no these

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"That’s not his name."

An Unearthly Child (episode 2 - The Cave of Skulls) - season 01 - 1963


shakespeare’s characters are more or less equally divided between “DO IT FOR THE VINE” and “YOU HAD ONE JOB”

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trying to argue with someone over text is like being italian and having to talk with handcuffs on

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Just when the night is darkest, he shines a light. And a new life begins.

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